What do you describe as productive? Is it the ability to work relentlessly every hour? Is it the speedy pace one works? Or is it the quantity of discipline or control one has?

Are you one of those people who are very productive? Ever wondered what makes one person more productive than the other?


As per Merriam Webster Dictionary, the word “Productive” means;

1: having the quality or power of producing especially in abundance

productive fishing waters

2: effective in bringing about

-investigating committees have been productive of much good —R. K. Carr

3: a: yielding results, benefits, or profits

    B: yielding or devoted to the satisfaction of wants or the creation of utilities

In short words, productive or productivity means doing or achieving something with high impact or working really hard and getting good results.

But why does one need to be productive?

There are many reasons as to why people need to be productive in their everyday life. But the main reason it falls to is so one can have time by their side. Time to do things you want. Time to be hassle-free and enjoy life. There are not sufficient hours in a day to let us meet all of the hassle and demand we have, so by being more productive we can have more time to do stuff we want to do.

Not like most people think, being productive has nothing to do with one’s intelligence or capacity. Being productive means practicing a few routine over others, so that you can get the most out of your time. It is how you manage yourself.


I will share eight certain habits of highly productive people. Learn to practice this Daily Routine for SUCCESS and see yourself have more time to enjoy!


You might say that all of the stuff you are doing in your life is very significant and you cannot ignore or overlook them but ask yourself this: “Can you do and master everything, every day?” Of course not. No one in the world can. So you should give yourself enough time and put first the most important things that can help you reach your life goals in time. This can help you give a clear direction and also makes you more focused on your goals in life.

You should give a great deal of attention and effort to the most important task of your life so that you will not end up doing so many things at a time and ending with not giving your very best on any of them. You should select one task at a time and then give paramount efforts to that before moving on to the next one.

For example, you can create or write down a to-do list for the day. You then need to evaluate your list. Encircle the most important things out of the list then rank the items. By doing so, it can help you ensure that you are working on the most important thing for that day.

Afterward, the items which you choose that are not that important for the day can be pushed to a later date or when you are free to do it.

If you do not know how to rank your to-do list and find yourself encircling all of it then ask you these questions: Is it worth my time? Or should I be doing something that is of higher value that may help me reach my life goals?

If your answer is yes then you should keep the task. If not, then schedule it for a later date or ditch it (if it will not do you any good).


Tony Schwartz, founder and author of “The Energy Project” said: “People cycle from being alert to being fatigued about once every 90 minutes”.  

Many people seem to think that when one constantly works means that he or she is being productive. However, if your brain is not functioning at its maximum capacity, you are not getting as much work done as you think.

Being productive does not mean that you need to work non-stop like a robot does. In contrast, you become less productive by doing so. Rest is also important. Taking a break charges your energy so that you can dash forward when you go back to your work.

You should rest when you feel unproductive because that may be your body’s way of saying that it is getting tires. Get away from your desk, make some coffee or catch a drink to refresh yourself, have a small chat with someone you know. You will be more energetic when you return.



Productivity stoppers are those things that can stop your productivity. In this modern age where electronic media is overwhelming, no one can escape from virtual distractions. The internet, YouTube, your social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, notifications from your e-mail, or random phone calls. But you need to limit these distractions and keep your focus in place so that your productivity won’t fail and stop you from getting the important things done.

For instance, you can check your social accounts when you are done with your important task. But when you are doing something important, log out of these accounts so that you will not hear your phone beep and be tempted to open your notification. You can also set time for checking your e-mail. Use filters to move unnecessary e-mails such as subscriptions and ads for you to view at a later time.  


Also, when you are not using the internet you can keep your web browser closed and only open it when you need it so you will not be tempted to look into unnecessary stuff that ends up wasting your time instead of accomplishing something more productive.

Look at your usual routine and look for the things that slow down your productivity. After you find them, adjust your environment. The more distractions you remove the more productive you can be.


“No successful people are there without a dream in life. You cannot attain something until you have the vision to achieve that so start dreaming.”

This is probably the most important habit of productive people. Whatever you are doing, your inspiration is the answer for you to be productive. Some people realized that whenever they are inspired, work is simply effortless.

For instance, an inspired poor student kept working on part-time jobs in order to support his studying and also to help his family until he finally graduated. An inspired newly-hired employee kept on motivating herself to do well so that her boss will see her potential until she became the boss herself.

Do you have any inspiration? If yes, then tap on it whenever you feel unmotivated. If no, then find out what can be your motivator and then use them to inspire and motivate you.


In this modern generation, reaching out to someone is easier than ever. At the same time, it also became a very distracting place to live on. A bored friend calling you, unimportant e-mails and the likes. There are so many messages coming from different directions waving at you. And every time you mind them, you get distracted from doing what you really need to do.

So for you to get your work done, you need to create barriers. Switch off your phone, close your web browser, learn to say no to distracting invitations and focus on what really matters to you.


Time pockets are the time you have in between events like commuting, waiting for others or walking from place to place. How can you utilize these time pockets?

For instance, if you are commuting, what work can you do while on public transport? Do you need to write a report? You can use your phone and type in some words. Or when you are walking to your workplace, you can check your emails or social media accounts right away so that when you are facing what needs to be done, you will not get distracted by them.

So instead of letting the time go to waste, use it to do some work. There would be a lot of progress in your work compared to if you just idled or slept away during those time pockets.


According to Parkinson’s Law, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” In short, if you do not set a timeline for a particular work then it could take you forever to finish.

Setting up timelines help you achieve your goal on time. It gives way for reality to truly manifest. Be very clear on your goals that you want to achieve and then set timelines for you to literally achieve them.


Today’s technology has made our simple and manual ways of life automated. This is very helpful for people because it gives them more time in doing what really matters.

For instance, when paying your bills instead of going out you can use online payment. Or when you want to schedule an appointment with someone you can do it online. If you are looking for a hotel, you can search it online.

Look for things you can automate in your daily life and by doing so you can give yourself more time to more important things.


A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coach as well as a CEO of a Web Development Company... I love to help others on how positivity can create a whole new opportunity and development for individuals success...


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