Facebook increases friendships by 50%

Facebook increases friendships by 50%

Facebook is one of the most popular networking sites which happens to storm the web for about several years now.

People then use MySpace as a way of communicating with their loved ones and friends, but the year when Facebook was launched people started using and in a short period of time.

The Rise Of Facebook

Facebook has become the most popular networking site in the world. Facebook is not just used for socializing; it is also the best tool for individuals who have their own businesses.

Most businesses found out that by creating their own pages on Facebook it can generate them more commercial opportunities.

The only method to make sure that you’ll have the best business which you are searching for is to increase the number or amount of friends which you have into your account.

Facebook Is A One Stop Shop

Facebook puts every kind of societal connection in a single acquaintance basket. However, a category like a relationship can serve to be an essential function. True friend versus an acquaintance, for instance, signals various levels of expectations and trust. As 70% of all the users of Facebook are checking on their accounts every day, psychologists and sociologists are investigative the connection between the strength of changes in a relationship and Facebook use. Facebook might simply elongate superficial links that could have certainly degenerate otherwise. Below you will see the ways on how you can boost having friends in Facebook fast.

Update Your Facebook Friends Regularly



Don’t ever forget about all of the people that you made friend with on Facebook. You must send them an update regularly or daily if possible, for you to keep your friends close to you, and you won’t have to agonize about your friends “unfriending” you.

You can also perform this quickly and easily. It doesn’t require to fancy or anything. You will just post some simple updates often so that your friends will know that you are effective on your account.


  • Advertise Your Own Facebook Page


This networking site contains various types of options if we are talking about advertising. Let’s think about this, for a networking site to offer a completely free-of-charge service they or even you will be capable of making money with less effort anytime and anywhere.

You can frequently make your Facebook page be featured in several geographical areas so that you will the exposure that you desire online. People will eventually click to see your Facebook page and they will send you a friend request. That is something which you in general pay for every click. And also you must engage your Facebook Groups and Pages wisely.


  • Create Polls or Have Contest


You can become a host of the various contest for your friends on Facebook. If you are to do it, then they are likely to tell other people about the competitions and contests and they’ll surely want to send you a friend request immediately.

If some people will see you as an exciting and fun Facebook friend, then they will be more pleasure in adding you as their friend. Polls and contests are a lot of fun, and numerous peoples are really engrossed in them.


  • Send Out Some Email Invitations


Utilize your contact books for your Facebook email. You are likely to have a huge list of individuals that you’ve talked with through your email. Then you can invite all of them and become friends on Facebook. And also you can add a connection to your Facebook page underneath your signature.

It will greatly encourage those people with whom you have exchanged some emails with and become friends with each other. The more amount of people that you email, you will have more friends to click your Facebook page and you’ll have countless friends. Also, you can ask all of your previous friends in promoting your site or Facebook page with their friends. It is the best networking option.


  • Use the Widgets on Facebook


Facebook widgets might be the easiest way to add or find more friend to click on your Facebook page. Also, you can effortlessly add your Facebook widget to your website or blog page. People can be capable of clicking on your Facebook widget and search for you. Knowing how to tactically and properly place your Facebook widget is very important.

If it’s not placed in a noticeable part on your blog page and website that can receive a huge amount of traffic, therefore people might not be capable of finding you on Facebook. You must place it in an area where all of the website viewers will notice it. As a matter of fact, letting all of them know and be noticed that they’ll become friends with each other on Facebook may also be a great plan. Guide all of them to your Facebook widget in order for them to click it.

You must also keep in mind that you should have a reliable and fast internet connection wherever you are since you’re a passionate user of Facebook and you are always logged in on the site, a good quantity of bandwidth is required. Fios rebates and deals are being proposed to all of your newest subscribers so there’s no reason for you to not have an immediate connection on Facebook for 24 hours.


Increasing your friendships on Facebook is just as important in real life situation. You must utilize all the tools and ideas necessary to have some friend.
















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