The Impact of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Weight Loss

 The Impact of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Weight Loss

BJJ is not like any sport or martial art. It is a method that can change a men or women’s life. A lot of people always talks about the lifestyle in jiu-jitsu, on the other hand, people sometimes ask “What does it really mean? What are the benefits of it? Are we required to train all day?. BJJ’s benefits can go further than anything that you have ever seen. Because all of the things that you don’t really see has the largest effect on your way of life. Especially its effect on your body here are some guides for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Weight Loss programs.

The Advantage of Jiu Jitsu in your Physical Aspect

If you walk into a training center and have a conversation with the jiu-jitsu students, then ask all of them what BJJ has done for all of them. Most of the students responded with positive answers such as “I am more flexible than what I’ve been,” or, “I dropped so much body weight.” Some of them talked about how fast they have gained their strength and see their selves in a great shape. It can’t be denied that BJJ can change your lifestyle and boost your confidence. You will physically see the changes in your body every day or even every week. The only improvement that you can’t see is your general health because of the training.

BJJ can teach you on how to utilize your body to be as one. In our present society where people mostly spend their day playing computer games, driving, sitting, it causes the body to develop some unnatural and strange movement patterns. BJJ can teach you a priceless lesson such as body awareness which is what you need in your lifestyle. The development of your mobility, strength, and growth in your body awareness will follow as you progress on certain lessons in jiu-jitsu. You can’t really see the improvements in your strength on the rugs certainly, but if you enter a weight room you’ll see your numbers increase.

The Benefits of BJJ

BJJ is not comparable to any other sport because it can change your life to be better. While BJJ might have appeared and seen by the public because of the success of a UFC fighter who is Renzo Gracie. He had the ability to constantly submit stronger and larger opponents, BJJ has developed to be greater and reliable contact sport than martial art or boxing. Many people consider BJJ on their lifestyle because of all the amazing benefits of BJJ that comes along with a gentle art training.

But the real question here is, what are the benefits of learning jiu-jitsu? Is BJJ only for the people who enjoy wrestling and MMA? No! The benefits of training jiu-jitsu fall on all of our lives aspects, it starts with meeting new friends all the way to extremely affecting your longevity and health. Below are the benefits that you will experience in the first month of your training.

     1. Get in Shape and Lose Weight

You will notice this improvement in your body during your first month of training and realize how simple it is in losing weight. BJJ works on every muscle group at your body, so you’ll immediately see the differences and improvements in your body. You won’t even become aware of how tough you’ve been working out. With the help of BJJ, your mind will be focused on all of the techniques and face off against someone instead of just staring at your gadgets all the time. As a matter of fact, countless athletes from around the world actually came up with the idea to take a jiu-jitsu lesson in losing weight and later discovered their love for jiu-jitsu and continued until they’ve succeeded.

  1. Learn Self-Defense

The fundamentals in learning jiu-jitsu are the basics on how to defend yourself. It is usually a mistaken belief that if you strike or throw a punch you will win when you get yourself in trouble, however, in actual clashes, punching isn’t really effective if you are trying to control your opponent or close the distance. It is the main reason why police officers are required to learn all of the techniques in jiu-jitsu in order to protect themselves in dangerous matters. You will develop and gain the knowledge and confidence needed if continue and progress throughout the training.

  1. Relieves Stress

If you have seen all the photos people post on their social media accounts after their training in Jiu-Jitsu, they all have one similarity which is a huge smile. That is simply because BJJ is an ideal way to easing stress from life and work. If you feel distressed because of your boss, or feel frustration because of your partner, it does not matter as the mat in jiu-jitsu acts like a therapy. Then suddenly all of your problems will slowly go away.

  1. It gives Energy

According to some research checking your social media accounts, watching TV, are not really that relaxing. In fact, being physically active with sports and activities not just relives your stress it can also re-energize you. Students benefit immensely because physical activities can actually help students to be more focused on their studies and it helps them to learn more.


  1. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

As you carry on your journey on the path of jiu-jitsu, your mentality will start to unlock for you to understand better both the techniques and your body. Like every sport, strategy and technique are much needed in order to win a certain match. Many athletes compare jiu-jitsu to a chess game, and that is for a good reason. So because of that reason, all of us must develop or build your own problem solving and critical thinking abilities. What will be your move? What will be the reaction of your opponent? Like a game of chess, those who have the higher belt rank will be able to think of countless moves ahead. The key would be to develop that mind to body connection.

  1. Develop Self-Esteem

BJJ seems nearly impossible when you are just starting to learn the lessons. When you roll around with those who have higher belts, it makes you feel weak, silly and awkward. But with focus, dedication, and perseverance you will be capable of overcoming all the challenges in learning BJJ. You will feel like you have enough power and soon you will be to control both of your actions and thoughts. When you learn BJJ you are also learning to overcome all the challenges. If you have overcome your challenges it will boost the development of your confidence or self-esteem.

  1. Physical Conditioning

BJJ Physical conditioning Training for BJJ is more difficult than any other kind of martial arts. Due to the extremely physical character of grappling. Usual sessions include resistance workout, breathing work, stretching, and cardiovascular training; the first workout is the result of your training alongside a repelling opponent that is actually your size. In this session, it will help you develop your endurance and strength, and increase your flexibility.

  1. Fight Mental Illness

Just like the third benefit of BJJ, it may also help to fight certain types of mental sickness. Those people who feel extreme depression could attain a positive benefit from joining in a BJJ program that is in a standard basis. However, it does not mean that you should go and hire a professional in helping you practice BJJ. But you may incorporate it into some of your regular routines. You’ll be constantly required to survive and think while you are under intense pressure, that will lead you to be in a balanced mentality state.


  1. Builds your Strength/Physique

If you take BJJ seriously and make it a part of your daily life, you’ll become even stronger. Building and developing your muscle will be a predictable effect in performing this kind of art often. Grappling develops all the muscle groups in your body. You will be able to build power and see a major improvement in the tone of your muscle. As a matter of fact, an intense BJJ workout or training one of the main reason why Hollywood celebrity and actor Ashton Kutcher has a great toned body and is in a great shape.


All the academies of BJJ consist of almost all the type of individual. Individuals such as women, businessmen, law enforcers, students, lawyers, doctors, and even kids aged 5 and above. Competition is never been the main focus of most members, some would really be for fitness and fun. Some just love to improve their physique and tries to remove excess weight and adding Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Weight Loss programs they already have.  Every day those people go to the academy having the exact same goal and that is to be better at jiu-jitsu than ever before. These same individuals go to the academy to develop and improve their stress levels, learning ability, and most importantly their health. They might not think about all of the benefits of jiu-jitsu which is not visible through our eyes, however, it does not really matter if they’ll be able to see it or not what’s important is they are taking effect. For me, the things that you can’t literally see is simply what the lifestyle in BJJ is all about. It is about taking all the lessons that you have learned and employing them in your daily life.




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