Every year there is always new particularly in fitness trends and in fact, this trends can influence how individuals work out. But as stated by the American College of Sports of Medicine or ACSM this 2018, we are working back to the basics.

ACSM identified forty potential fitness trends for this year. After they have successfully listed these possible trends, they conducted a survey and asked over 4,000 fitness professionals from different organizations including the National Council on Strength and Fitness and American Council on Exercise to rank the listed trends on a scale of 10. And just like to other surveys, the trends who will get the highest score which is 10 will be expected to be a trend this 2018.

In addition, the ACSM also differentiated a fad and trend in the survey and they differentiate them this way.

  • TREND – A general change or development in the way or in a situation how people behaves.
  • FAD – It is a style that is taken up with unlimited interest for just a short period of time.


After verifying the results, here are the top 10 fitness trends to look out in 2018.


  1. High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT


Looks like HIIT get the highest spot in this 2018’s survey. This kind of training session normally lasts for half an hour or less. HIIT requires hard work and burst of maximum effort and should be followed by a low-intensity recovery.

Actually, there is a reason why individuals cannot get enough of HIIT, Simply because, it is an effective and efficient way for burning fats. But according to ACSM, some fitness professionals do not recommend this work out to their customers, because the risk of injury is higher.


  1. Group Training

One of the possible reasons why group training is on the list of top 10 fitness trends of 2018 is because of its rising popularity. The ACSM describes this trend as a workout of more than five individuals headed by a professional gym instructor.

Group training offers a lot of benefits, but the main purpose of group training is to motivate and help you to achieve your fitness objectives and exercising with your friends can drive you to workout longer and harder.


  1. Wearable Technology

If you’re not into workouts probably wearable technologies such as heart rate monitors, smartwatches, smart eyeglasses, as well as, activity trackers that is very popular nowadays will surely change how you comprehend workout this 2018. These technologies will support you to stick and achieve your goal as well as improves your training.




  1. Bodyweight Training

According to ACSM, bodyweight training is already present for a couple of years, but this exercise has only newly been recognized as a fitness trend due to its convenience.

Bodyweight training allows you to work out your muscle whenever or whatever you want using countless of moves. Actually, this training only requires minimal space and you don’t need to sue any equipment. So if you don’t want to pay for a costly gym membership fee then you should start doing bodyweight exercise.


  1. Strength Training

The strength training is considered as one of the strongest fitness trends because this is always included in the top 10 trends since the beginning of the survey, says ACSM. For some reason, this type of workout is an essential part of every fitness routine because it keeps your heart and bones healthy, prevent injury and pain, as well as, helps to inhibit age-related weakening of muscle figure which plays a very important in role in having a good metabolism.



  1. Experienced, Educated, and Certified Fitness Professionals

One of the most important fitness trends of 2018. Having fitness professionals at your back is the safest and most effective way to achieve your fitness goals.

With that, it stated by ACSM that fitness certification and educational programs are rapidly growing and developing and several of them are credited through legal organizations and these organizations are following different standards.

Nonetheless, getting specialized simply means that you’re a legal fitness instructor that undergo training and passed an examination on appropriate exercise form, training guideline, and gym safety.


  1. Yoga

According to the ACSM, people can’t hide their excitement to yoga because of its several styles like power yoga, Iyengar yoga, and Bikram yoga that are constantly changing. In fact, that is the main reason why yoga always belongs to the top 10 fitness trends.

Performing yoga is the best and effective way that you can do especially if you want to recognize changes inside the gym or weight room.

To give you an additional information, yoga can boost your mental health, help relieve stress, makes your cells healthier, and makes your heart healthy. Not only that, yoga can also build muscle endurance and strength reliant on the type of style.


  1. Personal Training

Since the beginning of ACSM’s survey, personal training is always listed as one of the top ten fitness trends. That is why according to the report, personal instructors will have an unending role in fitness centers and professional team of health. Because a personal trainer can teach you the proper way on how to perform a basic exercise like deadlift and bench press is just one session. In addition, they will explain to you how to use the different gym apparatus and help you to organize your training plan so that you’ll be able to achieve you. Most importantly, they will be the one who will motivate you to finish your everyday goals except for your friends.


  1. Fitness Programs for Adults

As you grow old, staying on the go is a bit crucial especially if you want to have healthier muscles and stronger bones. And since the present groups of older adults are interested in becoming more active, there is a marketplace for fitness classes and programs that are specially made to older grownups, says ACSM. That is why this 2018 we will be expecting more fitness programs and specific classes designed for older adults who want to stay active as they grow old.


  1. Functional Fitness

What is functional fitness? As stated by the ACSM, functional fitness, is a workout that uses strength exercise to improve power, force, coordination, balance, as well as, endurance to increase somebody’s capability to do daily activities.

You can consider moving furniture, walking up the staircases, and lifting groceries as functional exercises. Actually, all activities that require body muscles are functional exercises. Nonetheless, this fitness trend will help you to repeat the movement that you’re doing every day, and in that way, you will feel strong even though you’re outside the fitness center.

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